Recent Name Change

We wanted to tell you that High Performance Feet has changed its name to Hallux Podiatry

Why have we done this?

Well, through feedback from many of our clients and non-clients it seems that our old name of High Performance Feet didn’t really tell everyone that we provide podiatry and chiropody services. Often people thought we were a sports shop and specialised in selling running shoes!

So we decided to change it to be very clear about what we do. We made sure we included the word ‘podiatry’ in there.  That was the easy bit but coming up with something to go with it wasn’t so straightforward.  Anyway, after much discussion about various options, we decided that Catherine’s husband’s idea of “Big Toe Podiatry” was a bit too frivolous (and we do more than big toes!). Instead decided to use the anatomical word for the toe and so was born Hallux Podiatry.

We hope you like it, not least because we are about to re-brand the outside of the clinic in Moor Street with the new name and colours!

We haven’t changed everything though. We are still at the same address and have the same telephone number but if you want to send us an email our new address is . We are also still offering the same great services for keeping your feet fit and healthy and our clinic is open from Tuesday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and until 2pm on Saturday.

If you’ve not been in to see us recently, why not use this as an excuse to give your feet an MOT and come in to see what we’ve done inside the clinic too, and enjoy a coffee sitting in our new chairs before your appointment?

We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.