“I have no pain all day regardless of how long I work; the best money I ever spent!” This message was received in an email sent by Mr R two months after he first came to see us. Mr R came to the clinic as he was finding it increasingly difficult to remain on his feet at work due to extremely painful chronic corns. His condition was partly caused by his foot posture and function. The pain he faced daily was greatly increased by working long hours that required him to stand for extended periods of time while wearing safety boots. The treatment involved the removal of the corns and provision of custom made orthotics.

“I have spent many years in psychiatric hospitals and am very nervous and cautious and wary of people and physical contact. My experience of having my feet cared for was surprisingly relaxed. My podiatrist made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. Her reassurance and relaxed manner calmed me and by the end we were talking and laughing. To this day she still does my feet.
The treatment I received was for pain in my feet that caused me lack of mobility and a lot of discomfort. After the treatment my pain was reduced greatly and my mobility was fantastic!”
“Hi Team! Just wanted to pass on my thanks to the team. I had been suffering with foot pain for months even to the point of thinking I would have to give up a job I loved as walking was agony. Even driving home was painful.
After just one treatment I could feel a massive improvement. I was given exercises to do everyday which has helped no end. I am back to hiking on the weekends which is something I have not been able to do for a very long time.
So a massive thank you to the friendly staff and I would thoroughly recommend them to everyone.
Many thanks again”